Our Regions

Testament to its success and the growth of cycling, Gran Fondo Guide operates in seven regions around the world:

  North America   Europe   Oceania   Asia   Africa   South America   Middle East

Gran Fondo Guide has the most sophisticated marketing platform in the cycling industry. Our platform allows us to capture visitor activity to a very fine granular level.

Gran Fondo Guide produces real-time analytics for all its premium clients' marketing activities.

We are also able to GEO Target all of our clients marketing and advertising assets worldwide. It gives our premium clients in-depth insights into how their marketing is performing through industry standard KPI’s, including impressions and click thru’s (CPM & CPC) on a global, regional, country, state and city basis. It allows our clients to fine tune marketing campaigns and spot new opportunities.

Gran Fondo Guide can GEO Target all marketing assets in 6 continental regions, over 195 countries and over 9,000 cities worldwide.